My End Of Year Evaluation

Over the course of this year I have completed and self-published a plethora of journalist pieces on my personal blog: Spanning over 15 specialized journalism class pieces as well as 3 extra pieces previously written for a British based website entitled wearesurge, I have targeted a wide variety of audiences to make my work […]

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Factual Report- Judge Rinder

On the 6th April, the case of Michelle (the plaintiff/ claimant) V Jamie (the defendant) convened at the ITV court studios. The claimant, claiming the maximum amount of £5000 (a small claims court can award) for a damaged car. Placing blame on the friend of 10 years, Jamie. Starting off the case by describing Jamie, […]

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Legal Obligations

Legal considerations are when people or companies consider potential laws which affect their industry and whether or not they are within or breaking that law. Unlike Ethical considerations, conviction is a potential consequence if companies fail to uphold the law The media does not have a special legal “value” or “exceptions” and most of the […]

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Ethical Obligations

Ethical Obligations ‘Ethical obligations are things a person must or should do based on a code of ethics. Ethics are not inherently based on laws, religion or one’s personal feelings, but ethical obligations for professionals, like lawyers and doctors, can be codified into law. For example, according to the Wyoming State Bar, lawyers have an […]

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Social Obligations

Combined, social, ethical and legal obligations are all vitally needed in the success of being a modern day journalist. All three equally are needed to provide accurate, logical and legal pieces that also back up the general media standards as commissioned by our country that deem all published content being legal, decent, honest and truthful. […]

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