Are You Sure? The Question We Get Asked Way Too Much

Are you sure? A simple question that could mean anything, and as teens I think we get asked this way to much, be it directly or indirectly.

I mean how many times a day do you get asked things like;

‘Are you sure you want 2 chocolate bars?’


‘What’s that degree going to achive?’ (that was the indirect example….yeah I know, just hear me out)

So my question is this; when are we sure?

And to be honest I dont think we will ever know.

Do crazy things. Make a music video with your best friend even though you’re in college or buy a copy of Vouge to not even look through but to walk around holding to make yourself seem cultured.

This talk about the future is frankly daunting to ANY teenager and even some adults and being unsure of something doesn’t make you a bad person. It makes you human.

Life is too short to be going on ‘are yous?’ and maybe your ‘new months resolution’ (well its too late for new years resolutions so may as well go for it) is to say

‘I’m sure’ more.

(excuse my lack of organisation in this post, I just felt that these things needed to be said and I had no other way to expressively get them across, but hey if you want to analyse this you could say it was disorganised like my brain process when writing it)

Thanks Always



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