Being The “D.U.F.F” In A World Full Of Super Models

The D.U.F.F

The Designated Ugly Fat Friend.

Sounds harsh doesn’t it?  Like the kind of harsh that you just don’t say to someone. (and may I add now that this doesn’t also mean that the D.U.F.F is either ugly or fat)

But since watching the new movie entitled ‘The D.U.F.F’ it has shed so much light on what this phrase actually means.  Now, I loved this movie and I loved how modern they had made it, but when sitting and watching it with my best friend we both realised something….

We literally are the textbook definition of  the D.U.F.F.

But the sad thing is we were completely okay with this.

However, I also realised something else, as much as the movie tries to make being the D.U.F.F in a friendship okay (like in the last 15 mins of the film) it also makes being called the term D.U.F.F sound scary and kinda like verbal social suicide.

Now for my best friend and I, we were okay with the term. We have friends (we think) and most of all we have each other. But my thoughts then moved to a younger audience… I mean, the kids that are getting to that stage where they’re looking around and realising that their friends are getting taller or skinnier or that their skin is clearing up or their boobs are growing. Sadly it seems like they’re not.

Yeah, I mean those kids. Now coming from experience as I haven’t grown since like what, 12 years old?….(I’m 4ft 11, 5ft on a good day) but when I grew up we didn’t have these kind of films, so these kind of things didn’t matter.  But for the younger generation this could be a HUGE problem. With social media ever evolving and kids growing up faster this could become the next ‘moral panic’ in the news.

I think what I’m trying to get at is, watch this movie and realise that although it can be hurtful, it shouldn’t get to you because you are worth more than what Hollywood tells you to be, and if you think you are the D.U.F.F in a friend group as much as it may suck right now, embrace it. Because guys…EVERYONE is someones D.U.F.F.


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