Social Expectations- Life as a Serial Introvert

I’m 17 and unlike most teenagers of this age, I don’t drink or go out much.

Now to many people (including my family) this is seen as abnormal or ‘boring’ but my question is WHEN did NOT going out and partying  become so culturally wrong?!

I mean I understand that people go out to drink and to forget the pressures and struggles of life or to even meet new people but to be honest it seems like a lot of effort to gain what? a friend? a high? a booty call?

Call me ridiculous but when I come home for a long day at college the last thing I want to do is to shower, to then re-apply the make up I’ve just washed off to then get dressed into something that is probably uncomfortable, to then stand around in a dimly lit environment making idle gossip to a stranger.

That doesn’t sound fun at all.

But to be looked down upon in this day and age when such great change is happening I think is terrible, so what if I don’t spend large amounts of money (that I don’t have) on drink, to become someone I’m not just to be happy. I won’t nay refuse to put ‘something nice on’ for the pleasure of males and refuse to leave my warm house (with may I add free wifi) and unlimited cups of tea to join others aimlessly twerking to Nicki Minaj

Isn’t life worth more?

As a human and (to the surprise of others) a perfectly functioning being I value others, and if I were to meet people I would rather remember the encounter and conversation instead of drunkenly forgetting.

This won’t change standands of teenage life that we are contantly bombarded with from Hollywood and other influential sources, I know that. But its just a piece of mind that even at the age of 17 its still okay to value other aspects of life over what your friends or even family think and being your own person counts for more than anything alcohol can make you do or feel.


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