Anne of Cleves Visit Review

Anne of Cleves Visit Review- Journalism Class

For a city girl like me, living down in the southern countryside can be a struggle. Although I don’t have the comfort of bright lights and late nights and of course a Starbucks on speed dial, I can’t fault it on one of the most proud features about being British.

The history.

It was on the 25th of September I visited the Anne of Cleves house in the very historical and equally beautiful Lewes town.  Built in the 15th century, the timber-framed Wealden hall house on Southover High Street formed part of Anne’s annulment settlement from King Henry VIII in 1541. Although she never visited the property it is very rich in history, and includes many other features about not only the Tudors but Lewes as a town.

Comprised of two buildings, the house shows a mixture of the classic Tudor reception chamber, kitchen and leisure room along with artefacts from Lewes town and a metal uses and irons room. Separated by quaint courtyard- like garden, the two buildings provide (on a nice day) a relaxing space for lunch or coffee, and sometimes you can catch the staff running Tudor like children’s activities in what would have been the main living space.

Family friendly and reasonably priced, this still standing architectural wonder can bring amazement and save boredom for those ‘what to do summer holiday days’. However  maybe not the best historical outing you could have on the south coast, this remarkable architectural landmark makes a laidback and relaxing day that can entertain people of all ages. A definite recommendation.


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