Top Trumps Anyone?

You mean Captain America? Nope, I mean Donald Trump. Although I see why you’d get confused both are blonde hunks out to save America from bad guys right?

(I’m joking…I promise)

But to some people he is like Captain America, and even though it may seem utterly disturbing to the rest of the world you have to give him some credit.

He’s taken the politics world by storm! Literally changing the definition of what is considered politically correct plus introducing a new kind of politician: the celebrity (anyone for Kanye West 2020?)

However, naturally he has come up against some negativity. One particular incident is the UK. Earlier on this year our own parliament debated on banning Trump from entering the country after 570,000 people signed a petition against his arrival into the UK. The debate ended in a no vote, but for parliament to go forth and do something like this, it’s obviously a sign that even as a right wing/conservative country (well not really but for hypothetical sakes) we’re still undecided.

So my question is this. How does a right wing person in the UK, really see a right wing person (that’s Donald Trump) from the US?

I shamelessly will say that I’m right wing, and no, that doesn’t automatically make me a bad person. But even I am still unsure about this whole Trump act.

As a British citizen I find him extremely entertaining, and frankly I look forward to the next outrageous comment he’ll make that will appear on the news. It’s refreshing to see someone like that. I mean, if David Cameron did that the whole country would descend into anarchy.

But in regards to his policies and promises, I don’t think he’s as bad as people make out to be. Yeah, ok they attract attention, for example: suspending all Muslims from entering the country for a while may be not the most politically correct way to go about the matter. But after all, isn’t that what attracted people to support him in the first place?

Collectively I think us, in England and from the right wing see him as a clown more than a real politician. We know he shouldn’t be president but yet we can’t help but be amazed by his talent for revealing this politically tightening strain being held on democracy. For that we have to commend him.

He may not have won our hearts but he’s certainly won our headlines.


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