The Compass- Our Top 5 Political Films

Don’t have an enough friends to go out on a Saturday night? Well don’t worry because here are our favourite top 5 political films you’ll actually enjoy watching on that lonely night in.

  1.  Our top favourite here are The Compass is Selma. Based on the 1965 Selma to Montgomery voting rights marches, this 2014 historical drama film, directed by Ava DuVernay (and produced by the Oprah Winfrey) provides audiences with an intricate view into the harrowing civil rights struggle of America. Following the story of Martin Luther King (along with others including that of Malcom X, King’s wife Coretta and members from the Little Rock Nine), the all-star cast of David Oyelowo, Tom Wilkinson, Carmen Ejogo, and Tim Roth create both the need of realism as well as the necessary light hearted feel.

Our Verdict: It’s so important especially for our generation to learn about this period, and this film does the job. By no means is this film flawless but it will give a more entertainment aspect than you would ever get from a textbook. We give it 4 flags out of 5. A must see!

2. Coming in a number two is Suffragette. With a glance into British history, this 2015 historical period drama tells the story of the struggle women faced to vote in the UK within the 1800’s. Told through the eyes of Maud Watts (played by Carey Mulligan) the journey takes us on to really delve through Victorian England and the everlasting significance of women’s emancipation that has brought us in the present day. With stars including Helena Bonham Carter, Meryl Streep and Ben Whishaw, for anyone taking AS History this is an utter gem!

Our Verdict: like Selma, this remarkable film is another must see. British history plays a huge part in the bigger world picture and this film really captures the essence of a need to politically, change. Relatable and inspiring, we give this film a solid 4 flags.

3. The Queen is our number three. Slightly more modern to Suffragette, this 2006 British Drama film explores the story behind Princess Diana’s death and the monarchy’s response to the tragedy. Sliding the blame to the then current Prime Minister Tony Blair and rumours of his secret anti-monarchist views, the film invites the audience to consider a number of conspiracy’s regarding the royal death.

Our Verdict: Although this film portrays a fascinating yet sad time of British history, it’s not as much of a must see. However if you have a couple of hours to spare the this film would be beneficial to those intrigued by conspiracy

4.Another American based film makes its way to our number 4 spot. The Butler, like Selma tells a story of the Civil Rights Struggle within America, however this time though a less direct historic focal point. Oprah Winfrey, John Cusack, Jane Fonda, Robin Williams and the late Alan Rickman are just some of the stars to grace the screen portraying the story of a black Butler serving in the White House. Once again a great find for anyone looking for entertaining historical politics

Our Verdict: we just love our American films here at The Compass. This film in particular is fascinating because it tackles the same issue that Selma does but in a more personal and detailed way. A definite must see in our eyes 5 flags out of 5!

5.Last but definitely not least is The Interview. Now we know this isn’t the most deeply politically informative film out there, but what the heck it’s very entertaining. Centring on being a political satirical film, this 2014 piece disparages North Korea and in particular their current leader/dictator Kim Jong Un. James Franco plays our main character of Dave Skylark; a popular chat show host admired by Un. But when contacted by the CIA, is persuaded to murder the leader though a lethal handshake. Also staring Seth Rogan with directing from Evan Goldberg, this outrageous film is a fun break to all that harsh politics that one is bombarded with daily.

Our Verdict: A fun and outrageous film! It will leave you mind boggled, plus with the question of how did they not get sued for this? A definite recommendation for any looking for a kickass night in! We’re giving it a 3 and a half flags out of 5.


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