The Very Late New Year Resolution

As a student, making it to the New Year with your dignity, self-respect, organisation, money and passing school grades still intact should be regarded as a lifetime achievement.

But as those dreaded ‘New Year, New Me’ Instagram captions loom over the ‘I’ve just discovered the eyebrow pencil and white Joni jeans from Topshop’ typical year 9 girl, I have been doing something more valuable with those two holiday weeks. After much though I have cracked the secret to KEEPING New Year’s resolutions.


By following these 5 easy tips, you will come away (I PROMISE) feeling refreshed, revitalised and most importantly ready to embrace YOUR YEAR.


I live by the saying ‘you’re only as organised as your phone suggests’.


  • Clear out all your photos and put them on a memory stick or download them onto your laptop so you still have them but they’re just locked away into that 2015 picture folder.
  • Get rid of those useless apps you never use and download ones that will aid your life. E.g. I HIGHLY recommend ‘1password’ its safe guarded by your fingerprint (and master password for those that don’t have touch unlock) that contains all your logins and passwords!


Like your phone, organisation stems to your laptop too!


  • Sort out all your folders and if you don’t have any, CREATE THEM! Categorise by year then by AS/2 then by subject. Honestly you CAN’T go wrong with doing this!
  • Utilise the memory stick! Over the holidays (due to a 6 year old unreliable laptop) I have backed up all my work onto 2 memory sticks. One everyday one and one secondary back up. You can never be too safe!


  • GET IT ALL OUT! Take out every item of clothes you have and sort through it! It’s a great way to have the master of cleanses and feel make room for all the new clothes you can buy. Plus if you’re feeling extra philanthropic, send them to a charity shop!


No matter what size or shape you can still make a change!


  • Start at the entrance to your room and work your way around it picking up all the things that shouldn’t be there. Utilise those fancy gift boxes you got for Christmas and put those miscellaneous items that don’t have a place for in them. Also now your wardrobe is clear, it’s now space to put them away instead on the floor or ‘I’ll wear this again chair’


This time of year can be great for money, Christmas has just been and so have the cards full of £10 from aunts that you’re not really related too!


  • PUT IT IN THE BANK! This will really grow your account and make you proud of saving! Remember if you save a pound a day you’ll have £365 by the end of the year
  • Sort out those statements. Put them in a folder according to account to really document what you do with your money, plus you have a go to file for reference.

Well there you go! 5 easy tips to get your New Year off to an organised and refreshing start. It’s worked for me and I promise it’ll work for you. What’s more is that all these things can be done in a weekend so perfect to begin the new week feeling prepared.


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