The Good, The Bad and The Elderly-The Interview

As a 17 year old student, you’d think working at an elderly care home would not be your first choice of job. However for Tyrese, a budding journalist from Newhaven couldn’t be happier with the job that she states brings her joy and happiness when it comes to caring after the elderly.

After a position becoming available through her sister, she was invited in to begin her work, and a year and 1 month later and she says that going back to her previous job as a waitress wouldn’t even cross her mind. Despite seeming to love her job, Tyrese feels she doesn’t get paid enough and jokes about the sometimes questionable attitude of her ‘careers’ (throwing food at her and in some cases verbal abuse) and after her shifts of normally 3 ½ hours she finds herself staying on extra time to really make sure the elderly get the care they both deserve/needs. Nethertheless it is very clear to see that she makes a huge contribution to her workplace and brings a positive experience to those who really need it most.

As well as working, Tyrese’s talents for giving back to modern society don’t stop there. Writing for her local sixth form newspaper /magazine is another string to add to her already growing bow. She states that this experience had made her sure of wanting to pursue journalism and gave her the well-deserved confidence to get out there, make new friends and even possible contacts. Although she tells me that being told what to write would dampen her inspiration(and even not liking sixth form itself), as all her work has to be neutral and non-perspective, she hasn’t given up and hopes one day to write for a magazine or blog.


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