Factual Report- Judge Rinder

On the 6th April, the case of Michelle (the plaintiff/ claimant) V Jamie (the defendant) convened at the ITV court studios. The claimant, claiming the maximum amount of £5000 (a small claims court can award) for a damaged car. Placing blame on the friend of 10 years, Jamie.

Starting off the case by describing Jamie, Michelle voiced that he was reliable, decent and overall a good friend but said the argument was tearing the friendship apart.

The case progressed as Michelle explained she was claiming money for a car that Jamie had crashed whilst driving  back from a 50 cent concert at the O2 arena at Wembley in London. Both Jamie and Michelle and two other of the claimant’s friends had attended this concert, and since Jamie was the designated driver (as Michelle admitted, her friends and herself was drunk at the time of the crash) he took full responsibility.

Counterclaiming, Jamie protested that he was insured and therefore did not have to pay the fine. However in a turn of events it was uncovered that the insurance approximating to £76.77, was paid out of Michelle’s debit card and was never paid back, therefore securing her case in law.

Describing issue of the crash itself, Jamie admitted he had ‘drove into the car in front’ but when speaking to the insurance company, he claimed they didn’t want to correspond.

Michelle then accumulated more evidence against her friend as saying that she was able talk to the insurance company and that they had sent over a letter to the defendant Jamie, but he never responded.

The unfortunate case regarding the two once close friends, then came to a gradual end when Judge Rinder deemed that taken into account the extensive evidence, the final verdict saw a victory for the claimant Michelle, who won the full amount of her claim.



This piece was designed and created for a BTEC Journalism class


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