My End Of Year Evaluation

Over the course of this year I have completed and self-published a plethora of journalist pieces on my personal blog:

Spanning over 15 specialized journalism class pieces as well as 3 extra pieces previously written for a British based website entitled wearesurge, I have targeted a wide variety of audiences to make my work the best it can be. Through the pieces, I have written for audiences that have included:

  • NUJ trainees about social, ethical and legal obligations
  • Anti-conservative supporters from the Panama Papers
  • Local people in my house my home
  • Teenagers: New Year’s resolutions, Patrick Rourke and The Good, The Bad and The Elderly.
  • Politics enthusiasts in my pieces designed for my publication The Compass
  • As well as the general public.

My strongest pieces.

For me, I personally think my strongest pieces are those I created for The Compass. These pieces hold immaculate attention to detail and humour. One piece I’m particularly fond of is my piece on the 2016 Presidential Election. What I loved about this piece was that it was humorous as well as very factual, it really displayed me as a writer and put my writing in its best light.

Besides pieces I’ve written for The Compass, a piece I love is the New York New York article. Centred on my recent trip to the city, This opinion piece gives first time advice to what to expect and tip on getting around. Although this piece is opinion based it’s infused with humour, however unlike the presidential election piece this is entirely opinion. As writer I really enjoyed writing opinion pieces.

What I’ve Enjoyed Most.

I love journalism as a subject so overall I’ve enjoyed all aspects of the course. However if I was to pick one factor it would be the magazine project. I loved this task as it showed me as journalist in my best light as well as proving that I can work very effectively in a team. Although it brought challenges such as getting my group to work at a decent standard, overall I enjoyed the control and organisation.

My Future as a Journalist

Come September,  I will be attending the University of Roehampton in London pursuing the Journalism BA course. I earned an unconditional place and so will be looking forward in adding achievements to my growing CV. I hope to continue my acting work as well as my journalist work in the US. I will continue to work with wearsurge along with any university work I take on.

I wouldn’t choose to rewrite any of my work as when I write I’m always in a different mood. This effects the piece, and therefore the feeling and atmosphere I get with each piece is sacred and unique.

Overall I have enjoyed this course immensely and look forward to continuing progressing and building my skillset.


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